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The Collection of What you Need to Know to Change Everything

You have THIS MOMENT to change everything

Each moment we have a chance to change everything.

The challenge is…. to move forward from the moments … that already changed everything.

Rather than getting stuck in the, “if only I hadn’t” revisionist hoping for a different decision in the past…

work on this moment.

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Aristotle Onassis
It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
Aristotle Onassis

Design this moment for happiness and joy.  Decide to experience this moment and recognize the ingredients.

What do you hear?  What do you see? What do you smell? How is it different today?

Here are a few of my Tips and Tricks for:

How to Change Everything

1. Recognize negative words and their counterparts like: can/can’t, will/won’t, may/may not, possible/impossible, when you are speaking to other people and thinking USE ONLY POSITIVE WORDS….replace the negative words with their positive counterparts.   YES I KNOW, IT’S HARD… it requires re-crafting your sentences into something positive, when your initial thought was negative.

2. Realize the road blocks you manufacture and manifest.  For instance, you can not read other people’s minds and other people can not read your mind.  As a result, unless you have a conversation, you can not possibly communicate…or “know” what someone else is going to say or do.   (This is my challenge, many times I simply don’t “ask” because I think I know the answer… but do I really know… if I don’t ask the question?) The more you concentrate on a negative outcome… the more likely it will be.

3. Find things that motivate you… by drawing you towards them… rather than escaping from them or moving away.   While negative motivation can be …. very .. um… motivating… it is still negative.   I find with many people, money (or lack there of) plays a part in many decisions.  I encourage them to day-dream and concentrate on the end result of their goal.  Let’s say, it’s a specific amount because that’s what it’s going to take to get out of debt.  Rather than concentrating on the amount of money needed…and how they don’t have it, and how hard it’s going to be to get it… I encourage these people to concentrate on their new life with the money they need,  concentrate on the life when they have reached their goal.

4. Create your Powerful Vision Statement and read it every morning.  A vision statement is a personal meditation.  It encourages you and provides you with the vision of your success and happiness and joy and contentment.  I provide all of my clients with a vision statement, and I also record an audio version for them so they can listen to it every morning.  It is really powerful and helps my clients design each moment to be in line with their goals.

5. Breathe.  I feel like …  I had never taken a breath in my life, until I learned how to breathe and pay attention to my breath.  Even now, my brain will try to intercede and fill my mind with worry, anxiety and failing that… regret (as it summons up moments from 20 years ago)… my mind… I have control over my mind and I tell it to say to my brain, “yes, yes, that’s nice… now concentrate on my breath”.

This has helped immensely with the final tip

6. Think and act from your internal motivation.   (that sounds  a little selfish… let me work this out a little more)  In other words,  design your moments based on what you think NOT what you think other people will think, want or expect…  You design your moments and internal talk based on your heart.   Doing for other people from the heart without judgement or expectation of any return is one thing… doing for other people because you think they won’t like you if you don’t do it… is another.   Does that make sense?   Love yourself.  Trust yourself.  Motivate your self… or rather let your self motivate you.

And so… without further adieu I bid you …  Make Today Amazing!

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