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Your Belief About Yourself

This morning I was listening to an audio recording by Amy Applebaum.  She’s got a few really great pieces on Audible, that I listen to on my iPad.  I have to laugh, because I was originally one of those people who say, “Oh, I can’t be hypnotized” and I was also the same person that said, “This audio book is terrible, it puts me right to sleep” … Duh.  🙂

So, I’m studying the effects of self-hypnosis on myself to see if this type of subliminal encouragement and suggestion will help me grow and develop as a life coach and today while I listened to a session (wide awake) I was really touched by a specific point.  The author said, “you have made a very important choice to allow yourself to be successful….  being successful is a choice and starting today you are choosing…”  She also addresses the place where we create the belief about ourselves.

Let me say it again: we create our belief about ourselves.

being successful is a choice, starting today, choose that is who you are
“There is a place where you create belief about yourself, others and the world” – Amy Applebaum

When was the last time you thought about… what you think about … yourself?

Not what you look like.  Not what you sound like.  Not how good you are at your job, or your ability to double dutch jump rope… you.  When was the last time you looked at the belief’s that you created about yourself?


Can you list 10 great, awesome, fantastic things about yourself?  tall or short, funny, pretty or handsome, creative, artistic, musical, friendly, educated, athletic…. you get the idea.  These are all great beliefs that you have… now, what about the unproductive beliefs that you’ve created?

These are harder, these are the beliefs that you have probably been carrying with you for some time.  These are the beliefs that don’t usually see the light of day, and maybe you don’t admit to yourself or speak out loud to many people.  Some of these unproductive beliefs are failure, unsuccessful, over-reactive, persecuted, misunderstood, unwanted, defective, powerlessness.

Today, you can take charge of your life.

Actually, you are the ONLY person that can take charge of your life.

Realize that you are important, you deserve success and you are the only person that can replace the unproductive actions and thoughts, with productive actions and thoughts.  If not you…. then who?

Let’s say you have a co-worker that is really getting on everyone’s nerves.  You are relying on everyone… or at least someone else, to take care of the problem. Why?  Why aren’t you taking care of the issue.  Ask yourself.  Because you are scared?  (If you are scared of physical repercussions, you need more than just self empowerment.  You need to follow procedures both written and physical and take it to whatever authority is appropriate. If you are scared of physical violence please seek help) In a normal workplace, you would document the grievance, then submit it to a superior.  Maybe, if you are brave, you will speak to the individual first, explain the issue from your perspective and see if they rectify the issue.   My point is, why aren’t you doing something.

Think about the unproductive belief that is stopping you from taking steps to make your life better.  You are not powerless, you do not deserve it… you are strong, healthy, important and kind.  Use your positive beliefs to bolster your courage and take a step towards success.

I’ve written several times about fear and if you are afraid I would urge you to explore that fear.   No one has ever punched me out for telling them something they didn’t want to hear.  They have said hurtful words, however, I choose not to believe the hurtful words and understand that they are a defense mechanism for that person NOT words that really apply to me.

Fear, that gut punch… is our reaction.  WE ARE IN CHARGE.  We control our belief’s about ourselves and how we react to other people.

So, this morning I thought it was particularly interesting that the audio book by Amy Applebaum was telling me that “today you are taking charge of your life” … that today… I was going to “allow myself to be successful” … “being successful is a choice and that starting today that is who I am”

Join me.

Create your mantra.

Today, I am going to enjoy my drive to work and arrive refreshed and ready to start my day with a smile

Today, I will be happy and productive and will smile at everyone

Today …..

You CHOOSE!!!!!



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