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Number 1 Reason you should Wash Your Hands

Having just gotten over the stomach bug that have clean Buddharavaged my house, I am resisting the urge to simply list the top 10 ailments that are transferred via human interaction.  THE HANDS.  Those useful extremities with dexterous phalanges are the carriers.

We touch door knobs, telephones, pencils, desks, walls, railings, computer keyboards, our mouse, tables, coffee pots… then we touch our food and put it in our mouth.

So, instead of just listing the 10 most common illnesses  that can be transferred by hands carrying microscopic virus and bacteria like, Noro virus, common cold, flu, impetigo, salmonella, e coli, & MRSA… let me just tell you the number one reason you should wash your hands.

Drum Roll Please:

The Number One Reasons you should wash your hands is….Germs can be washed away.  

There are a lot of articles and news broadcasts about germs that can’t be killed.  They are immune to the antibiotics and possibly our antibacterial wash… but they can be washed away.  Down the drain.

Soapy Hot Water.

The World Health Organization promotes hand washing because they believe it  saves more lives around the world than any other vaccine or medical intervention.  “Hand washing is so important because it interrupts the transmission of disease by getting rid of airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses.”

Did you know that you can contract  E. coli (food poisoning), salmonella (food poisoning) or staph aureus (MRSA) just by shaking hands with someone who is infected.   Wash your hands before and after you eat and you will be doing yourself and everyone around you a favor.

And while germs are hearty and can survive on door knobs  and practically anything you touch for 2 hours, like tables, books and more…  they can be washed down the drain. 


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