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Quick Story about Vitamin Supplements

I have a love hate relationship with vitamins.  I love chewable vitamin C and gummy multi-vitamins… I hate the swallow the pill, get the vitamin burp, and other things required to know the vitamin is working.  I thought, when I saw

all those vitamins aren't to keep death at bay, they're to keep deterioration at bay
An apple a day…

the adult gummy vitamins that I was IN HEAVEN!

None of the outward signs that the vitamin was working… just the tasty chewy candy yumminess.  Then it got me to thinking.  How do I know it’s working.  How do I know I’m getting what my body needs to continue to function properly…

Discovery Health has a great little “What are vitamins and how do they work” article found here: http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/food-nutrition/vitamin-supplements/question129.htm

That’s all fine and good… but what about my gummy vitamins.

Many people subscribe to the “simple acid test”.  They look at how soluble their vitamin is as an indication of whether it is dissolving in their stomach and therefore getting absorbed.  Do you want to try it at home?

Here’s the “acid test” you can apply to find out if your multi—or any other pill!—dissolves properly:

1. Place approximately one cup of white vinegar in a small bowl and warm it to 98 degrees or so by placing it inside a larger bowl of water that you “top up” several times with warm water from the tap. (The goal is to keep the vinegar reasonably close to 98 degrees for half an hour.)

2. Drop your multi-vitamin (or other pill) into the vinegar, and jostle it about every five minutes or so by gently shaking or swirling the cup. While you can also stir the mix with a wooden stick or toothpick, be careful not to touch the tablet itself.

3. The tablet should dissolve within 30 minutes. (This is the USP standard for all pharmaceutical tablets.) If it doesn’t dissolve within a full hour, it’s not doing you much good. Get another brand!

ME?  Well, like I said, I do love myself the gummy’s, however I’ve discovered Isotonix (R) which are liquid vitamins and THEY ROCK!

Initially, I wasn’t ready to give up my big tub of delicious candy supplements… until I tried the liquid vitamins.  Taken (remarkably) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

In fact, I have had such a great and positive physical response to these vitamins I have been getting all my friends hooked.  The Isotonix multi-vitamin is the first vitamin that has ever had a physical reaction… let me see how I can explain this.

I took the vitamin, and that day I was more awake, less tired, had more energy, less achy.. and I thought it was because I had a great nights sleep or something.  Day 2, same miraculous effect.  I gave the bottle to my friend and told her, “I think I’m going crazy, would you please try these vitamins” … She had miraculous effects!  Her back pain was greatly reduced and her energy levels through the roof.

Of course, since they are liquid, they pass the soluble test and maybe that’s what I need, maybe I really needed that powerhouse of supplement punch.

Remember, before taking any supplements, check with your doctor first… and then think about how your vitamins make you feel.   If you have awkward or unpleasant side-effects, continue to look for the vitamin that’s best for you.  I found that liquid vitamins are best for me… you may like the gummies… or perhaps you don’t have any problem or issue with the hard pill … The point is, don’t give up… there is something for everyone in this wonderful world!

Have a great day!



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