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Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

Today’s reading is for someone (or some people) who are facing a challenge.  Interestingly enough, I felt this reading pull me towards myself and my own challenge in creating a loving and safe community online where I can share my gift in a way that allows me to be fully expressed and yet… there is also this relationship piece.  So, it’s clear to me that the whispers I hear pushign me to post this reading mean me to let you know that there are many to whom this reading will help.  Open you hearts and receive this message in a way that will encourage and help.  You are amazing and inspiring.  Thank you for all of your comments and wondering encouragement.

[10 of cups – Reversed]  You are perfect, it is the fear of what people say that is keeping you from realizing and finding your path. You think they won’t approve, you think you can read their minds and know their thoughts, and you spend too much time concentrating on that, and not enough on your own mind. Your own feelings and thoughts.  Expand what you think you know about yourself and consider making lists of the things that make you happy.  Things that you see (like puppies or sunsets) and things that you do (like bicycle or knit) and when you are feeling less than where you want, plan to do something or see something or smell something or touch something that is on your list.

[7 of Cups] You enjoy your time visualizing about your future outcome and for a while it was helping however you are feeling stuck right now.  Think about where you were when you started this journey not really revel in that feeling of forward movement.  Whether you were unemployed, or lonely, or struggling with illness or implementing a business idea, you have moved from where you were into a better place.  Your visualizations were initially motivating, and now they seem to be showing you more about your struggle. Now, you imagine your grand outcome in a way that serves to remind you that you aren’t there, in fact, it makes you think it’s less and less possible.  Go back to what was working.  Go back and remember, your day dreams all required some kind of action to bare fruit, the visualization is the seed, you must provide sunlight and water for the seed to grow.

[Ace of Cups] You are thinking thinking thinking… and it’s time for you to get back in touch with your feelings, your true feelings. It’s time to allow yourself the moments you need to determine how you really feel.  What you say, and what you think are sometimes at odds with how you feel.  Many times what you think, what you say are automatic reactions, like an autopilot or program.  You believe them because you say them so often, but if they are always true, then why don’t you feel like they are true.  Get in touch with the person you want to be.

[The Hierophant – reversed]  Stop. Just stop for a moment.  You are moving away from … something, like education or learning or enrichment. Your whole life is a learning experience and you feel like “what’s the point.”  The problem is that you were taught that the education was the goal, but it isn’t. LIFE is the goal, and education is a tool.  So, you can either learn from others which will help save time, or you can decide to forge your own path (a slower course) but don’t stop moving forward, don’t give up. don’t settle. Your heart is telling you to keep this part of you, you.. keep learning, but your head is telling you that it’s not “working” or “you don’t need it” or perhaps maybe you don’t agree.  You get to choose, you can use what you learn as a spring board to explore different things or as a method to reach a certain place, you choose your goal.  Your goal in life, and this learning will always be part of that, whether it’s simply learning things that you don’t like or learning how to do things that you enjoy.  You decide what you want, and you have the ability to get there, with the “How can I? ” question in your heart.

[The Star – Reversed] This card is about expectations and setting unrealistic expectations that in the end will back fire and leave you feeling a failure or worse unloved.  In this modern world we talk about visualization and setting goals, the fact is that we are either moving away or towards something.  Look at your actual steps towards your goal, are you saying one thing, then doing another?  Are you saying that you will achieve something then not taking any steps to achieve it, and the more you don’t do anything the more you feel like the goal is no longer realistic?  Whether it is weight loss, financial success, completing a hobby or finding a fulfilling relationship, you need to understand that your unconscious mind is always looking for evidence to support your ideas. Surround yourself with the success that you seek, do a vision board, or listen to inspirational or encouraging video’s or read instructional books and all of that is great, but you must take action. You need to take steps towards your goal and then the universe will respond by stepping towards you.

[Queen of Swords] You are where you are, exactly where you because of the choices you have made.  For some that’s a nice feeling and for other’s not so much.  People call you lucky because you are naturally talented and somehow you think that’s not as valuable as if you worked and slaved to get where you are… don’t worry about the haters.  They aren’t where you are because they aren’t you.  Likewise, you may not be where you want to be, and that is also because of you.  You may want to blame someone or something else outside of your control, but the truth is, you are in control. You have complete control. It is not your “jobs fault” that you can’t pay your bills, if your job doesn’t pay, then find something that does.  It is not your government’s fault that there are no high paying jobs in your town, you are able to move (and many people move for work all the time). You choose where you decide to go right now, and your choices have put you where you are right now.  If you want something different, then you have to do something differently.  If you continue to do the same thing, you will get the same results.  You choose.  The thing that is really impressed on me here is that you are smart, and action oriented, but maybe you talk yourself out at the last minute or never really complete or never really believe success is possible.  If you never try, you know you will not succeed.

Thank you beautiful souls for allowing this reading.  I feel like the words here are helping me already move forward and evaluate where I may have let myself take the easy path inside of the path that is better served towards my higher purpose.  You see, we are all human.

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