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Have you ever wondered if you had any kind of hidden power?  The truth is, that we are all born with talents and unique abilities and throughout our lives many of us are taught to to ignore or worse hide them.  I’m sure you’ve heard of intuition.  Usually in a sentence like, “A women’s intuition.” which is a saying that is centuries old and a nod to our innate ability to feel the right path.

If you think about it, in most societies which were ruled (and by ruled I mean literally and figuratively as they were the ones setting the rules) by men, the “logical” or thinking part of our brains is most commonly called upon to assess a situation and even if you have a “bad feeling” unless you can justify it to the liking of someone else, your “bad feeling” is pushed aside.

That is also true of your “good feelings” and the trust you have in your gut or “knee jerk” reaction.  Sure there are plenty of habits of thought that we have been taught over the years that while they may have served us as we were growing up, we can review them logically and trade them in for new thoughts and practices, but those aren’t the things I’m talking about.

I’m talking about your ability to know the right path.

Scrying is the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions.  I use Tarot and Pendulums for this purpose. And what I found in all cases was that when I ignored the answers that I received and plowed ahead because I wanted to do, what I wanted to do… my results were pretty much exactly what had been predicted.  There are a lot of websites online that will tell you methods for reading cards, and I wanted to just let it be more simple for you.  I wanted to just let you know that whether you are just starting to investigate your hidden power or whether you have been on this path for a while, there are 3 things you simply MUST DO.

#1) Protect yourself and clear your cards of negative energy.  Protection and energy clearing can be as easy as spending a few minutes meditating and asking to be surrounded by the White Light of God’s Love and Protection and to clear your cards of any negative energy and provider you with the ability to receive answers that serve your highest self.  There are a number of great meditations on youtube, and I generally look for meditations that say, “Grounding” and “Protection”.    Remember, these are just words.  It’s your emotions and feelings that really have the power here to affect your vibration and it’s your high vibration that pulls the like vibration towards you.  So, whether you replace the word “God” with Universe, Creator, The All… it’s the feeling of the word that matters, not your ability to site down and write a definition.

#2) Ask Yes or No questions.  Over the years I’ve been able to full myself into thinking that the answers were one way, when in my heart I knew they weren’t.  I’m human, and I think I know what I want and I really want to do something, and in the end it would have been better if I had waited… a bit.  (ha ha ha ha)  So, I’ve gotten into the practice of taking out a journal and write a few questions down.  Yes and No questions.   A few of my recent examples are: Should I take a writing course.  Should I take the horror writing course from autocrit. (that was very specific because I saw a very compelling ad online and thought, “yeah” I could do that!) and the answers I received were “Yes” to the writing course, and “No” to the horror writing. (so, basically the universe was telling me that I could use a little help with my writing ha ha ha ha ha) My point is, that I REALLY wanted to take that horror writing course, because the advertisement really spoke to me… but I realized it wasn’t the right course. I don’t even like horror. I don’t read it or watch it, I probably wouldn’t enjoy writing it… but I LOVE paranormal romance. And that’s how the universe works for me, the advertisement about the horror writing course got me thinking about writing and by asking the universe for help and using my cards and/or pendulum I was motivated to look for a course that really spoke to me on a fully complete level.

#3) Write it down.  Hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months and months years.  It’s amazing to me right now, that the session I just described about the writing course occurred nearly 2 weeks ago.  As I flipped through my composition pad looking for the entries, I was amazed at how far back this epiphany about the writing course had occurred. Since then many other questions had been answered and even as I write this… I realize I need to be a little more organized with my projects or I will end up doing a little bit here, and a little bit there without ever really getting the whole of anything done.  Your journal is your road map.  When you write your questions and the answers down on an ongoing basis in a single place (in blue pen please, it’s more activating) You have a method for checking in.  Reminding yourself, “oh yeah, I wanted to do that then, I wonder if now is a good time”  OR the very best… is the evidence.  I love to use my journal to show my unconscious mind the evidence that this all works.  I love asking questions about specific physical things and writing down the answers, and then checking back to confirm that they actually occurred.

Well, my beautiful souls, I hope you enjoyed my little tangent on Scrying and I wanted to let you know if you’re interested in giving it a try, Hay house is currently running a HUGE holiday sale on tarot card decks, they are only $7.00!  I KNOW…  I’m actually going to stock up myself, here’s the link to see what’s online.  AND, I will tell you that I would be happy to hand make a tigers eye pendulum like the one I use for scrying.  All of my pendulums come with the instructions and a chart.

Love you, thank you for reading. HUGS


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