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Not Everyone Wants More

I struggle with this, really truly struggle.

There are thousands, probably millions of people on the planet that do not want more or better … anything.  AND, I’m not talking about those people that have everything, I’m talking about my neighbors, my friends and family and the hundreds of thousands of people just like them.

Some complain, saying things like; “Oh I wish I had a better [insert job, house, relationship, garden or other]” or “Isn’t she lucky, look at her new [insert car, house, job, boyfriend or other]”

Some happily trudge one doing what they have always done, and getting what they have always gotten.

Some have the lottery mentality which goes something like this:  Yes, I want more, but only if it happens over night and all I have to do to achieve it is spend a small amount of time, energy or cash.

I can’t be the ONLY person on the planet that looks around and is constantly seeing opportunities!  I mean seriously, am I alone?

Here’s my thought process… If someone else can do it and make money, so can I.  Then I set out to educate myself to determine exactly how they did it in order to find out if I can also replicate their success. Sometimes I can… (like my coupon websites) … sometimes I can’t… Like my brief but educational foray into selling gnome doors on Etsy.   My friends think I’m crazy.  They treat me like an idiot and wonder why I spend so much time writing when I could be watching cooking shows on Netflix.

It’s not the money.  Money isn’t the goal, money is a tool.  Like a hammer is a tool.  You need a hammer to build a house, but you would never go out and get a hammer and say, “There. All done, I have my hammer”  nope.  You use the hammer to build the house.  Same thing with money, money is simply a tool that makes EVERYTHING easier.  So, when I look around and see how other people are turning what they know, what they enjoy into income… I’m not just looking at “how to make money” I’m looking for something that really activates my imagination and taps me on the shoulder and says, “I think you would love doing that”.  That’s the piece that my friends (and those other hundreds of thousands of people) are missing.

They are trying to measure their success in achieving “more” by measuring how much money they have earned.

We are indoctrinated into the judgement and analysis of our lives, form the moment we enter the public school system we are graded.  The teachers actually grade us on our effort… as if they can possibly know how much “effort” was given at a certain project, homework or assignment… and they train parents to believe that the grades are somehow an objective evaluation of the value and intelligence of the student.  This worker mentality is promoted and pounded into us all through school and college until we enter the work place and we are “graded” with money.   The money we make is equal to our own value as a contributing citizen.

I get it.  Imagine being a child that was always told (through grades and assessments) you can try harder, you can do better, why don’t you do better, your best isn’t enough.  What kind of adult will that produce?

Imagine going through 12 years of education NEVER being recognized correctly for your efforts.

I see it, I get it.  I understand why some people don’t think about more.  They don’t understand it’s possible.  It’s a shame.

If you feel like you might want more but don’t know how to start… I have a very simple tool.  It’s a question.  AND it goes like this.

Anytime you are about to say: I can’t …  change the statement to a question:  How can I? 

“I can’t make money online”, turns into “How can I make money online?” 

“I can’t make money doing what I love”… turns into “How can I make money doing what I love?”

YOU be You. 

If you need help discovering your inner entrepreneur… comment below, I’m here for you!




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