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The Way Ahead Just for Today Reading – 11-26-2017

Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

It is always my pleasure to share the words and messages that come to me in my morning meditation.  I have at a cross roads myself, between wanting to follow my calling and wanting to remain within the “conventions” or normal aspects of the life around me.  The physical life, that we expect each of us experiences but which I am learning more and more that we project our experiences onto other people. There is safety here. Surrounded by the known. Surrounded by the centuries of thoughts and training and yes, even indoctrination into the “right” way of things.

So, my own cross roads, will in fact be laid bare in my blog and the posts that lay ahead.

I start my posts with, Good Morning Beautiful Souls, because while it is for me that I write… it is you that will read it.  And you are gorgeous to me.  Perfectly placed, divinely directed.

And above all, much appreciated.  Your comments, your moments of attention… they are like fuel for my soul.  Thank you. 

[Home] This is a lovely card and I immediately felt wellness and fulfillment well up inside me. The colors are earthy and earthly with the magical quality of hidden moments in the scrawling and squiggling lines. The message is at one heartening and robust. You are on the right path. You will find a like-minded mentor, someone who will encourage and help you find your tribe. The people you need to surrounded yourself with, that will uplift and help you step into your hearts desire. [Balancing Act – Reversed] But first you must let go of the things you think you want that you can not control. Take an inventory and figure out where you are being drained. Where you are drained financially as well as spiritually. Where you are leaking time and energy and seek balance and fairness.

[Spark] Allow yourself the time to fall in love with your creativity, your ideas and endeavors inspire you and lead you down different paths. You may think that they are the means to the end, but they are a way to connect with spirit, your higher self, these moments of writing, and crystal work, the time you make jewelry and magical talisman, these are your higher self, reaching down to touch your hands as well as your heart.  You have always known that, it’s evident in that you never make the same thing twice.  Now is a great time to begin something.  Start something and connect with spirit to co-create. Nurture your creativity into a glowing flame.

[Sad Embrace – reversed] You block your success with this unyielding sense of loss. Lost time, personal neglect, or perceived unfairness.  You have said, “life isn’t fair” but the truth is, if life isn’t fair that it is you that is unfair.  You hold the master key to unlock the door of abundance and fulfillment and instead choose to stand on the side of the closed door, thinking that it is unfair for being there. Look down at the key in your hand, only use can place that key in the lock… to either unlock or lock.  And you must embrace these moments and feelings in order to release them.  You must take ownership and then let them go. Pay attention when they come up… look down at the key in your hand, then let them go. You are not a victim. You are not a failure.  You are a champion, on a hero’s journey. Take responsibility for your part in this journey, you are guided and protected and greatly loved.

Remember always that you are divinely guided and protected.  And realize that the system we are born into is not necessarily the system we would choose if we were given the change to decide.  The awakening in ourselves is our ability to recognize the millions of opportunities to choose at this moment, from this moment.  To be awake and to still dream, seems like fantasy and yet, when we pay attention to how the dreams FEEL, we understand their power.

Allow only dreams serving your highest self, the self you hold up and say, “Yes, see this!  This is me!” The self that helps, and cares and encourages for you and others… that is how you will collect your tribe. Be Authentic.

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