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Your Mindset and You, Perfect Together

Mindset, is an interesting word.  Short for “… set your mind on it” it seems to imply that a “mindset” is a choice of thoughts but the reality of it is that most people aren’t putting any intention into their mindset, they are running mostly on auto-pilot.

Just as we trust our brain to run the body and reflexes we are trusting it to always choose the proper mindset for the occasion.  The issue I have with most mindsets are the lack of potential. The mind set is… well, it’s set.  It’s the mind telling you to relax… it has this.  Your mind knows how you got through the last 25, 45, 55 years and it’s pretty confident that if it keeps doing the same thing, it can get you through another 50.

I have a question.

Is that enough?  Do you just want to experience more of the same, or are you interested in something else?

Human potential is amazing.  And, it’s interesting that when we are engaged in the movement of something from potential to reality we sometimes only believe it’s possible for other people.  We find reasons… or excuses… or blame… or why we can’t be, do or experience awesomeness.

This isn’t going to be popular, but you’re wrong and you’re not alone.

You’re wrong because amazingness is promised to everyone.  Each day that you wake up is a promise.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This isn’t a dress rehearsal, there are no do-overs and YOU are the only one that can change what you think, how you do things, and your experience.  You decide.

Yeah, it’s a big responsibility, it’s much easier to blame your parents, neighbors, best friend, sister, ex-husband, ex-wife, war, economy or (my favorite) circumstances beyond your control.  The fact is, you can only and have ever ONLY been able to control you.  ever. period. in the history of your life, the only person’s mind you’ve ever been able to accurately read… is yours.

The trick is to understand that each moment you experience the same thing, you are living in a specific mindset. Knowing that mindset and how it limits you is one of the greatest ways to expand your experiences.  Your self talk is a great indicator of whether the mindset is positive or negative.

Think about an area of your life that you tell yourself you really want success.





Now, the next time you feel like you aren’t experiencing what you want, stop and think.  “What exactly is it that I want?”  Then ask yourself, “What steps did I take to actually achieve what I want?”  and finally, “Is what I want dependent on the behavior, or recognition of someone besides myself?”

Unlock you potential creating new thinking patterns and changing your limiting mindsets.

Have an amazing day



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