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How Long Before You Make Your First Sale

One of the first questions I hear asked by my coaching clients… and it’s a fair question How long can I expect before I have my first sale?

It’s an honest question that’s usually followed up with a timeline inquiry like, “No seriously, am I looking at 3 Months? 6 months? 1 or 2 Years?

The challenge is NOT the answer to this question. It’s an easy answer. “I don’t know”

The challenge is helping my clients understand that their question is essentially flawed.

That their idea of trading their time for money is flawed, that the standards of measurement that they’ve been taught to value are different with affiliate marketing businesses.

For instance, the question: How long can I expect before I have my first sale… does not take into account multiple streams of income from such areas as Google Adsense, or an Amazon Partnership. It doesn’t take into account email marketing, and collecting emails with the ability to speak directly to people that you KNOW are interested in what you have to offer. AND it certainly doesn’t take into account the ways that affiliate marketing broadens your perspective on what’s possible and creates more opportunities.

I propose a different question. “How long before I can expect one of my multiple streams of income to start generating revenue?”

That’s easy. Nearly immediately. AND before my coaching clients can ask the next question that kicks them out of the wonderful vortex of possibility, I explain: The key with affiliate marketing is to create multiple streams. Imagine ANYTHING is possible. Look at everything you see online and ask yourself, “How can I do that?” ask yourself , “How can I help promote that and generate revenue at the same time.” Everything. If you buy ANYTHING online, look for ways to pay yourself commission for that purchase or write about it and look for ways to earn commission by telling people about it in a conversational genuine and authentic way. As you start earning income, look at what’s working and replicate what’s working to increase your revenue. It’s a simple formula that builds on your small successes.

What about you?

How do you overcome your training to trade your time for money? How do you overcome your urge to fall into the old measurement for success?

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