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When Tarot Cards Make Your Cry

Finding myself to feel strangely human this morning, not that I don’t feel human on any other given day, just separate.   Do you feel that?  Do you ever feel like you are the only person that has those… “If only… ” daydreams as you drive into the office.

This morning I decided to throw caution to the wind and read myself through the Rider Tarot. I didn’t pull a “spread” … I decided to just select cards, until I decided not to.  Allowing Spirit to guide me and show me the cards.  In the end I had 6 cards, laid out from left to right.  Like a story. A quiet story that touched me so deeply, I needed to share.

Here is my Story.

[5 cups] Embrace change and stop focusing on what’s wrong, on what you don’t have, on what other have that you want.  Stop comparing and analyzing your value based on things that are on the outside.  [8 cups] Realize that it’s the fear of moving on, of moving forward, of stepping into the fullness of your talents that is creating the circumstances around you.  You are afraid of what other people will think, of what they will say and so you stand still, doing nothing. [The Magician- reversed] Change your focus, stop looking at the outside of things and start paying attention to your intention.  This is an inside job, you know the answers but you are ignoring them because they don’t fit into the box you’ve been trained to live in.  [4 of Pentacles] Release your need to control the situations by understanding that this need is a result of your feelings of powerlessness.  Take back your power with organization and planning small successes.

[8 of Pentacles] It’s time to walk the walk, and take your own advice, concentrate your energy on getting the job done.  [2 of Cups – reversed] You are allowing your current relationships to stiffle your creativity.  They aren’t asking you specifically NOT to be creative, but you think they wouldn’t approve and so you don’t even try.  There is more to love and happiness in thinking you can read the minds of others and stopping you from exploring your gifts simply because you think someone else will not approve.

Crazy right.

I’m posting this very private reading for two reasons; 1) If I ever doubted my abilities this reading is proof… I shouldn’t; and 2) I was meant to share this reading which makes me think that I’m not the only one that can benefit.  I’m not the only one that will read this and think… “OMG, that’s me!  I need to change something”

So. I decided that reading wasn’t enough for me… I decided (is a funny thing to say, since I don’t think it was really me) but I took out my Map Oracle cards with the intention of looking for an answer, or a direction to take.  4 Cards popped right out of the deck, I was like, “What?  Really, 4?” …  Here they are:

[Balancing Act] Choose a balanced focused path and evaluate all of the balls you have in the air, test them for harmony and think about how they feel.  Are you juggling something that isn’t serving your highest self?  Consider forgiving yourself and others and moving forward with only your highest good.  Once you’ve reduced the juggling act a little, really take a look at what’s serving you and how and whittle your distractions down until you are sure you have the focus you need to move forward, without distraction or excuses.  [Into the Unknown – reversed] You think you know everything or maybe you’re just over confident, but this will cause an underlying maybe even subconscious fear that will hold you back or get you in trouble in other ways.  Be open and willing to learn, ask for help, ask for instruction, look for a mentor.

[Rock Bottom – reversed] Pay attention to how you got where you are right now, whether it’s a relationship, a job, a conversation with a friend.  Look at the well worn paths that put you where you are time and time again.  It’s time to break out of that rut to experience different results.  You are not a victim of circumstance, you are a witness and you choose your personal results. [Golden Palace – reversed] To change your results you will need to release your hold on what you think security looks like.  The constant inner dialog of lack as you imagine a life filled with money and houses and cars and leisure time is taking you away from creating the vibration required to attract those things.  Allow yourself the moments to bask in the glory and positive aspects of what you already have, what you already love.  A mindset of fear and lack is cutting you off from your abundance.

I am completely blown away by this reading and I hope by sharing this very personal and self revealing reading to you that it will help you too.

None of us are perfect, myself the least perfect… and what I have learned today about myself is that it is much easier to to help others, then it is to help myself.  Today I’m going to work on myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If this reading spoke to you in any way, I would love it if you comment on my Facebook page or website below.


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