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Using the Law of Attraction in Your Business

The fact is that whether you call it The Law of Concentration, The Law of Cause and Effect or simply Being Lucky, you and I are always constantly analyzing our surrounding situation and circumstances in terms of how it affects us.  Even the most altruistic and philanthropic of people is viewing the world around them in terms of how it affects them.  Whether you see a problem and strive to solve it, or see the same problem and complain… both of those actions are based on how you are affected.  Or in other words, how you feel about how you are affected.

You emotional response to the world around you is your driving force for thought.  Sometimes a thought occurs first, and then the emotion, but it is the emotion (or lack of) that drives us to make decisions and choices and ultimate to take action or remain inactive.  It’s your emotional response that kick starts the questions you ask… Having said that, it’s important to understand the place you put on your attention.  Pay attention to how you feel, and how that feeling is walking you through you daily navigation.

The past is history.  You write and rewrite the past over and over in your mind, bringing it forward into the present because of how you feel.  Because of your attention to how you think you felt at the time.

Let’s say you’re making cold calls.  You call someone and they hang up on you.  You feel like it’s a personal a front. You feel like they are making a statement about your worth… you may even start an internal dialog about how you feel about the next call you haven’t even made, and start thinking and talking about what you don’t like about cold calling and the possibilities…  of what? Soon you may think…”What possibilities…. No one is ever going to take my call”

The Secret to the Law of Attraction

The secret to the law of attraction that Hollywood will probably never tell you is… action.  You can’t sit at your desk planning your success as a network marketer without also planning your action steps for getting your product and story out in front of people.

Too often, we spend our time thinking about the things that we don’t want… and as a result we get more of that… more of the same.

Think of the Law of Attraction like Google.  When you do a Google search, do you type in what you don’t want to find?   Actually, if you did… guess what would happen. Google would give you information about whatever you typed in… because it assumes that, whatever you typed in… is what you want.

The universe is like that too… when you think about the things that you don’t like, you are vibrationally aligning with those things.

Avoidance and procrastination are the biggest success spoilers out there.

Finding Action Steps that Provide Positive Outcomes

Meditation whether 5 or 45 minutes is one of the best ways to raise yourself energetically to your highest vibration of love and light.  And Hey… get over the idea that business is business and your emotional state of being is your own personal affair…  they are not separate.  I’m not suggesting that you tell everyone in your office you love them… I am suggesting that you take moments throughout your day to tell yourself… you love you.  Yeah, that’s what it’s going to take.

Your first action steps should be centered around becoming aware of the perfect life you experience in the current moment.  Your ability to be present for the glorious sunrise, hugs from your family, floppy tale wagging dog or your tasty cup of coffee, well running car, prepaid subway card and more.  Your ability to be … present and understand that in the current moment you have everything.

Let go of the past. Understand that any thoughts you have now about past events are rewritten and reframed to fit your current story.

The Hard Truth and Simple Solution

Struggle is one of the hardest stories to release.  Many times a story of struggle is what drove us to achieve, and move and act.  Today, if you are no longer moving and achieving in a way that speaks to your highest vibration it’s time to evaluate your story.  It’s time to take a look at where you are… not necessarily how you got there… because at certain times, our stories become excuses.

In the beginning our story was there to help motivate, but now it is a reason for the ceiling.

Releasing your old story is a way to bring the floor up to meet you, so you can push against the ceiling and experience more success.

Go back to your Law of Attraction “google search” and pay attention to what you’re putting out there.  Are you typing “struggle” into the universal search engine or “success”?

How to listen for Answers to the Law of Attraction

We all think differently.  For me, finding answers has generally been the result of seeing someone else “doing something” and me thinking, “I can do that” or “I can apply what they are doing to my thing and it will work”.  My experiences are that when I demand that the Law of Attraction provide me with success in a certain way… I never experience success, but when I’m open and willing to allow the universe to reveal ideas and provide me examples of outcomes… I experience success.

You have to be brave.  You have to listen to your intuition.  Pay attention to your wild thoughts and ideas, and write them down. Within them is the inspiration for the great ideas.

There is actually real scientific support for the paving of new paths of thinking that in turn open up new areas of expertise and success.  When we tell ourselves something isn’t possible… it is not possible.  The flip side is also true.

Last week I purchased a starter pack for a new network marketing venture.  I literally knew in my heart that the opportunity wasn’t right for me, but I really wanted to please my friend that is part of the network marketing company.  I can not imagine being successful at driving around holding home parties talking about makeup and nutrition.  Because I can’t imagine it, it can’t be true for me, even though there are literally thousands of people making huge incomes.

However, it was my introduction to network marketing several years ago that introduced me to the idea of residual income and passive income.  Because that’s the allure of Network Marketing, creating a business that runs and creates income even when you aren’t working.   That introduction to that idea was enough for me to learn 4 other ways to create that kind of income… the kind that continues even when you’re not working.

That’s how the Law of Attraction works for me.  I ask, believe that there will be an answer, and receive the answer… even if it’s not exactly what I was expecting.


The world is made up of finite material. In fact, we’d like to think that we humans are unique, but the truth is that we are made up of the same chemicals found all over the planet.  We are all energetic beings and vibrating differently. You and I are both made up of the same stuff.  What makes us difference is not our experiences or geography, it is our choices and what we do with our circumstances and geography.

Ask -> Pay attention to the search you’re typing into the Universal Search Engine… it will always give you the results you are asking for… whether they are what you want or what you don’t want.

Believe –> Listen for the answers to your questions, understand that they may not be in the form your used to seeing… perhaps it’s something you need to learn, and then apply to what your doing (like me) or maybe it’s a completely different opportunity that you hadn’t dreamed of since you were a kid. (also as it turns out like me). Believe you will get what you ask for, believe it’s possible.

Receive –> Allow the solutions to come to you and allow yourself to experience them and move towards.

Sometimes when things come easy to us, we think they aren’t valuable.  We think they can’t possibly be worth anything, they are so easy.  Imagine, if your life were built on … easy.


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