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have you ever thought….

Have you ever thought about your legacy?

Have you ever thought about what other people really think about you?  I mean, it’s human nature to think… about ourselves from what we suspect other people see, but the truth is we very rarely take the moment to ask people to tell us about ourselves.  Scary right?  Imagine that conversation… “Yeah, so Steve, we’ve been working together for about 5 years, can you send me a list of things that pop into your head when you think about me”  Yup. … I mean, no.  That’s super scary.

However, we live our lives as if we’re in a vacuum, as if our lives are happening to us… we are REACTING to life, not living it.  Right?

Do you feel that too?  We notice things, then we react to them.

I’m writing this post because I can’t help this feeling that there is more, so much more out there for me and for you.

I am watching my daughters go through the public school system being indoctrinated to think in a tiny box, never being asked to be extraordinary… in fact, perhaps even a little bit shutting down their big thoughts and exceptional abilities.


What if…

What if we are meant for more.  What if we are meant for more than just pleasing people, staying in our small circle and being…usual.

This weekend I went to a wedding, it was awesome. I went alone.  I didn’t realize what an unusual circumstance that was until I arrived and I was nearly the only single person there.  Let me rephrase, I wasn’t the only single person, but the only person without a date.  In fact, it occurred to me (on my drive there) that I was going to an event where I had the potential of knowing very few people and I was going alone.

I literally told myself to, “BE BRAVE”.

What if being alone were normal.   Why is it not normal?

I am so much more than my hair cut, or clothing, or car, or home… Why is it not normal to be exactly me?

Beautiful Souls

I start most of my readings, “Hello Beautiful Souls” for a reason, it’s my way of telling you… I see you.

Imagine that… imagine someone walking up to you and saying: I see you.

Looking right into and through your eyes deep into your soul and understanding your pain and joy and without judgement simply saying: I see you.

I think I would fall in love with whoever said that to me…. I say that to me all the time.  I love me and I see me.  I’m not perfect.  Sometimes I’m angry and frustrated, sometimes I make poor choices and eat donuts and spend money frivolously, sometimes I have big wild ideas and sometimes they are small.  I love me.  I might wish I were a tidier person, but it’s funny because I don’t wish it hard enough to actually… be tidy. 🙂  I love me.

The enchanted map oracle card – 1 Card Reading

Rescue “You are always safe and secure and free to be yourself”

Ahhh like a breath of fresh air Spirit always answers and is always there to help me and to help you.  This card is amazingly placed at the end of this post, I am always so reassured and supported when I pull a card that feels like a “Yes” from spirit, like I’m on the right track.   Ask, Believe and Receive.  Ask for help, ask for guidance, ask.  Say the words, form the sentence and ask.  Naming the question is the first step because it activates the universal law of attraction. Ask the “HOW” questions, like “How can I” or “How does it work” and watch and pay attention for the answers as the path is laid out before you.  Stay away from “WHY” questions they are general negative and activate a different energy… stick the “How can I…?”  AND  Expect to receive the answers, not just in opportunities but in lessons and observations. Pay attention.  Then allow yourself to receive. Be open to compliments, gifts, charity and more.  Allow yourself to fill up.


the enchanted amp oracle cards rescue



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